7 of The Best Chrome Apps for EFL and ESL Students

February 27, 2015
Today we are sharing with you some useful Chrome apps to help your students with their language learning. These apps are particularly helpful for  EFL and ESL learners. They (the apps) provide a wide variety of activities, games, flashcards and exercises on language practice. Almost all of them are geared towards solidifying students’ vocabulary learning and empowering learners with a rich and diversified lexicon to assist them in their writing and reading comprehension.1- Duolingo

Google chose Duolingo as the best language app for 2014. Duolingo offers free courses for learning different languages including French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. Duelling is also available for Android and on the web.2- Flashcard Stash

Flashcard Stash enables students to learn through the use of interactive flashcards. It also offers several games, quizzes, word lists and phrases, and a learning mode that calculates the optimal time to study. Teachers have the option to create classes where they can share flashcards with students and many more.3- iVocab

iVocab is an ideal app for those preparing for GRE,TOEFL and SAT quizzes. It provides a variety of quizzes so  students can test their language competencies and also track their scores on each of the quizzes they take.4- Vocabla

Vocabla is another popular language learning app in the Chrome store. It helps students with their vocabulary learning by empowering them with tools to translate, collect and memorize words, phrases, idioms and other chunks of language.5- Flashcards

Flashcards is a good app for language practice. It has a huge gallery of ready-made flashcards where you can download and access all kinds of flashcards to use in your class. You can even record audio for your flashcards.6- Lingua.ly

Collect new words from across the web with Lingua.ly’s smart dictionary. Use your new vocab to surf foreign websites, social media or your own Gmail, Twitter and Facebook feeds while you learn new language. 7- Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a must have app for all language learners. This app makes it super easy to view word definitions as you browse the web. Simply highlight or double click the word you want to define, and a pop-up bubble will be displayed with the complete definition of that term. I also allows you to store the history of words you have looked up so you can practice them later. Follow us on : Twitter, Facebook , Google plus, Pinterest .

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