5 Good iPad Apps for Learning Vocabulary

March 11 2015
Below is a list of some useful iPad apps to help students learn new vocabulary in interactive and engaging ways. Unlike the old plain vocabulary learning, these apps enhance students learning of new vocabulary  through a variety of engaging actives such as : playing games, using flashcards to build word lists, working on brainy quizzes and many more.1- Vocab Genius

Vocab Genius is a good app for learning new vocabulary items. It offers “Over 800 flashcards for some of the most useful yet difficult vocabulary words in the English language, complete with definitions, sample sentences, and synonyms”. It also has over 300 “word elements” flashcards for common prefixes, suffixes, and roots.
2- Flashcards

“Flashcards by Dictionary.com is 100% FREE and offers everything you need to master words and learn vocabulary while still having fun! Create your own word lists or choose from 500,000 lists. Learn and master words on the go!”3- Kids Vocab

“Now kids can build vocab anywhere, anytime, all while having fun. With 9 addictive games designed to help understand words rather than just memorize them, our Kids’ Vocab app will broaden kids’ vocabularies and sharpen their reading & writing skills. There’s only one rule: no boring flash cards allowed.”
4- Vocabador

“The Vocabador iPhone application is ideal for students studying for the SAT, the GRE or for anyone looking to boost their vocabulary. Combining the theme of Lucha Libre wrestling with over 400 powerful vocabulary words, Vocabador offers a fresh approach to learning that will help you build some serious vocabulary muscle!”5- Quizzitive

An entertaining quiz, an addictive game, and a new way to test and improve your vocabulary! Quizzitive offers 10 difficulty levels, with quiz types from “Speed Drill” to “Name That Thing.” Master the words, beat your personal best, and see how your scores compare to the crowd.

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