Chalk- A Great Tool for Managing School and Class Forms

March 22, 2015
Chalk is an excellent web tool that teachers and educators can use to reduce their paperwork. Chalk allows users to convert any document into a form that can be easily signed or filled out online. As a teacher you can use this tool to distribute forms to be filled out and signed by others (e.g parents, students, school personnels…etc).

Chalk works with all kinds of forms including permissions slips, registration forms, evaluation forms, staff time sheets and many more.If you want to use data you have in store to prefill forms, you simply upload the spreadsheet containing that data into Chalk and use it to personalize your own forms.Some of the interesting features offered by Chalk include: the ability to track people who have filled out your form, share forms using a generated link, recipients do not have to have an account with Chalk to fill out received forms, distribute the same form to many recipients, collect attachments along with forms, and many more. Chalk offers a free trail period after which  you will have to pay to use it.

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