Top 4 Tools for Teaching Kids Typing

March 23, 2015
 We have already shared several posts in the past featuring a plethora of web tools and apps to help kids learn fast typing. However, today we are sharing with you our top picks. These are the most downloaded extensions in Chrome store that have generated a huge number of positive user-reviews. Teachers and parents can use them with their kids to assist them in mastering the art of touch typing.1-Typing Club

This is by far the most popular of them all. Typing Club is a free game and educational program to help you learn fast typing.”Using this program, your typing speed will reach 10 to 12 words per minute rather quickly. From there practice on your normal typing activities to increase your speed to 40 – 90 Word per minute.”
2- Typing Test KeyHero

“Key Hero is a great place to improve your typing skills. The game keeps track of all your performances (WPM and accuracy) and helps you understand what type of mistake you make.”3- Type Scout

“Type Scout is a typewriter training app to improve your typing skills in a gamelike manner.Choose from 4 highly customizable games to train and improve your typing skills.”
4- TypeFu

“The app is suitable for all age groups and skill levels. You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced typist. Even if you took typing classes before, but it never sank in, Type Fu will help you refresh your skills and take them to the next stage instantly.”

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