E-learning Visually Explained for Teachers

March 24, 2015
Electronic Learning, conventionally known as e-learning, is a digitally mediated type of learning. The standard way of lesson delivery in e-learning was and mostly still is computer and hence the traditional definition of e-Learning as computer mediated learning. However, now with the huge advancement in web technologies and the emergence of several other devices that have more or less the same computational functionalities as computers (e.g tablets, Chromebooks, hand-held devices…etc), e-learning now can be facilitated through different devices.e-Learning has several advantages. Some of which , according to Virtual College, include: it  is cost effective and saves time, it is available anytime/anywhere with Internet connection, and it makes it easy to track course progress.As a form of digital learning, e-learning is divided into two main categories: synchronous e-learning (involves real-time interaction between participants) and asynchronous e-learning (participants can take the course at their own time and pace). Check out the visual below to learn more about what e-learning is all about and how it can be implemented in different learning settings.   Via: MindflashCourtesy of eLearning Infographics

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