A Beautiful Graphic On The Evolution of Classroom Technology

April 6, 2015
The history of educational technology is an eventful timeline full of amazing breakthroughs that have radically transformed the educational landscape and reshaped the basic notions of literacy and learning. However, if you sit back and reflect upon these developments in their relation to education, you will notice that the first decade of the 21st century alone witnessed a digital revolution that is unprecedented both in breadth and grandeur and with it comes the emergence of new learning concepts such as MOOCs, flipped learning, mobile learning, to mention but a few.Also the number of technological inventions in the last couple of decades alone outnumber all inventions during the past three centuries. The train of technological breakthrough is still moving but now it is moving at spectacular speed to the extent that we can not even expect what the EdTech world has in store for in the few upcoming years.Here is a nice graphic that captures some of the major technological events in the history of educational technology. Check it out and share with us what you think of it.

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