Make The Best of iPad in Your Teaching with This Wonderful Interactive Guide

October 10, 2015
iPad is a game-changer in education. It provides teachers with transformative means to create immersive and interactive lessons to engage students and enhance their learning. iPad has also opened up new possibilities of learning that were unimagined before and empowered students with a voice and equipped them with the tools to take control of their own learning.

Besides the numerous resources we have been sharing here in our blog to help you make the best of iPad in your teaching, today’s post is highlighting another very good resource to use in this regard. Discovering Educational Content for iPad is a free interactive iBooks book from Apple in Education packed full of helpful tips, tricks, app recommendations, and ideas on how to better integrate iPad in your instruction.

‘This guide will help teachers understand what type of content is available in each of the iTunes stores, how to access the stores from a Mac or iPad, and find tips on how to search each store and education curated collections for the type of content they might use in their classrooms.  The Guide walks through 2 sample lesson topics to help showcase the wide range of materials a teacher might use in a lesson, and encourages creative thinking about using content beyond Apps when teaching with iPad.’

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