Doodle 4 Google Is Now Open With An Amazing Artwork Theme

October  19, 2015
Google announced today the start of Doodle 4 Google competition for this year under the theme ‘What makes me…me’. K-12 Students all across the United States are invited to submit their artwork highlighting what makes them unique. The winner’s doodle will be featured in Google homepage and will receive $30,000 towards a college scholarship, and meet and work with the Doodle team on a visit to Mountain View, Calif. Plus, their school will get to spend $50,000 on technology.

The new thing in Google 4 Doodle this year is that it has not constrains on the medium. Students can use a wide variety of materials to design their doodles as long as they include the letters G-O-O-G-L-E in their doodles. The judges team for this year comprises professional basketball player Stephen Curry, astronaut Dr. Yvonne Cagle, director and author BJ Novak, professional soccer player Alex Morgan, Emmy-award winner Julie Bowen and animator Glen Keane.’Submissions are open until December 7. And for teachers, check out some classroom ideas and activities to get your young artists ready to Doodle!’

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