5 Good Educational iPad Apps are Free Today

October 31, 2015
As is the case once every week, we curate and share with you list of educational apps that are on sale. This week’s collection features some titles to try on your iPad. Some of these apps have already been reviewed in separate posts here in EdTech and mLearning. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: edit, crop and add stylish text to photos; quickly transfer large size photos and videos; track projects and manage your to-do lists and tasks.1- Work-Jot

‘Work.JOT is easy to master and provides Amazing interface to manage Tasks & log Timesheet entries; so just JOT, Manage, Analyse, Report and make ‘Everyday Productive’. Our App makes it easy to track your projects across various clients, Keep a log of cost incurred across projects and much more. Create monthly Timesheet & Task reports in PDF format.’2- Fonta

Fonta is a little design studio that enables you to easily stylize your photos using a wide variety of special effects and text fonts. You can use it to illustrate photos through the use of captions or to convert your words into beautiful photo text. You can also add text behind a photo giving more prominence to the visual aspect. Similarly, you can wrap a photo inside text or create visually appealing artworks using 3D effects, vintage filters, color layers and many more. Once your work is finalized you can then share it on social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.3- Sticky board 2 

Sticky board 2 is an excellent whiteboard and sticky-notes app to use on your iPad. This app is now free for a limited period of time. Using Stickyboard 2 will enable you to record your notes into digital sticky notes using any color coding system you like. You can easily move around your notes, group them together and arrange them into boards. You can share your whole boards with your friends via email as PDF files.4- Weafo file transfer app to exchange large size video and photo by WiFi sharing

Transfer freely whenever you desire. As long as you have it on one device you’re good to go. From this moment you can use Weafo to send and receive files between your iPhone/iPad and devices with any Operating Systems. Weafo transfers files directly over Wi-Fi. This means Weafo does NOT use your data plan and Internet band.5- Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles

Cutie Monsters is a simple app designed specifically for the development needs of toddlers and preschoolers, simple jigsaw puzzles along with an interactive “Touch to count” counting book, will help young ones who are learning to count.

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