A Wonderful Tool to Help Students Easily Design Their Own Games

October 12, 2015
Gamestar Mechanic is a gaming platform where students grades 4 to 9 get to learn how to design their own games using the learning principles of game design. Gamester Mechanic features three main components to engage students in game-based learning: the Quest, Workshop and Game Alley.

In the Quest, students get to interact with challenging games and get help from  a budding game designer character who will walk students through the core principles of game design. The Workshop is where students get to apply the gaming principles they have learned. They will get to construct their own games using drag and drop tools. Game Alley is where players publish their games, see how others are playing their games  and get feedback from the community.Gamestar Mechanic provides a variety of teaching resources to help teachers incorporate game-based learning in their instruction. These include lessons, single session activities, curriculum resources and many more. Here are three examples of how teachers can use Gamestar:“1- To tell stories: An art teacher may have kids design games with specific visual and narrative qualities.
2- To model systems: A science teacher may have kids design games that model natural systems, like the water cycle or a specific ecosystem.
3- To teach game design: A technology teacher may have kids design games that focus on games as systems, and solving problems in games.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Gamestar Mechanic

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