5 Must Watch TED Talks On The Workings of The Human Body

November , 2015
The human body is an absolute mystery and science has only shed light on part of it; yet what has been revealed till now is mind-boggling. Technology has definitely played a huge role in helping us better understand the workings of the human body. It has even facilitated the teaching of this knowledge to our kids and students. There are now multiple tools, games and applications that enable students to explore the body in 3D and carry out simulated anatomical operations in virtual labs.  We have covered several of these tools in previous posts but today we are approaching this topic from a purely theoretical perspective. We are sharing with you some wonderful TED talks that reveal amazing facts about the human body. We have curated these talks from an earlier list published by TED entitled ‘Weird Facts about the Human Body’. Enjoy1- What is so special about the human brain? by Suzana Herculano-Houzel.

2- How our microbes make us who we are by Rob Knight

3- 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm by Mary Roach

4- 3 clues to understanding your brain by VS Ramachandran 

5- Could the sun be good for your heart? by Richard Weller

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