5 Good Google Hangouts Apps for Teachers

November 17, 2015
In yesterday’s post we talked about how to create a video Hangout on Google Plus together with a few other things you can do in your Hangouts (e.g. how to invite people to your Hangouts, how to share the content of your screen with others and how to share links and files). We have also mentioned an important feature which allows you to add apps to your Hangouts. These are third party extensions that bring a variety of functionalities to your Hangouts. For instance, there are apps that enable you to create drawings in your hangouts, watch YouTube videos with your participants, apps for realtime collaboration on diagrams and many more. Below is a collection of some very good apps to try in your Hangouts. Here is how to access and install apps in your Hangouts:To add apps, click on the more icon on the left-hand side of your video call window and select ‘Add apps’. Browse through the apps featured in the ‘featured’ or ‘recent’ tabs and pick out the ones you want to add.

1- YouTube

This is absolutely a must have app. It allows you to watch YouTube videos inside your Hangouts. All participants get to see the same video you are playing. You can also create playlists to share with others.2- Google Effects

This app provides you with a collection of effects to customize your Hangouts experience. These include things such as background pictures, sound clips, props, headwear, facial hair and many more.3- Cacoo for Hangouts

Cacoo for Hangouts is a good drawing tool that allows multiple users to collaboratively work on the same diagram in realtime.4- Google Art Project

This allows you to ‘join friends on a tour around the inspiring artworks on the Google Art Project.’5- Soundation

This is particularly useful for music teachers. Soundation allows you to create music with your friends in a Hangout.

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