Two Great Chrome Extensions to Use with Google Keep

November 18, 2015
Google Keep is a great note taking and task management web tool and mobile app. We have recently created a step by step guide on everything teachers need to know about Google Keep including things such as: how to create text, photo and audio notes, how to customize the settings of your notes, how to copy your notes to Google Doc, how to set reminders for your notes, how to create a list and add items to it and many more. In today’s post, we are sharing with you these too helpful Chrome extensions to use with your Google Keep :1- Category Tabs for Google Keep

This is a great organizational extension to use with your Google Keep. It allows you to arrange all of your notes into categories. You can colour-code your categories to make it easy for you when searching for your notes. “Adding a note to a category is very easy, just change the color of the note. When you want to view the notes you have sorted by color, simply click on the note color you wish to view. If you would like to view your you entire collection of notes/checklists, there is an “All” option next to the color options (this option is set by default).” We discovered Category Tabs for Google Keep through this wonderful Google Plus Collection.2- Panel View for Keep

‘’This extension serves as a shortcut to, but also much more. You’ll find at the bottom of Keep’s sidebar (click the hamburger icon (☰) to open it), a new link entitled “Send to Panel.” Click that to open Keep in an always-on-top panel.”

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