Explore The Hidden Gems of Google Sheets with These Add-ons

November 23, 2015
Google Sheets add-ons allow you to add some great functionalities to your sheets and help you tap into the real educational potential of Google Sheets. Over the past year or so, we have reviewed a bunch of these extensions and have particularly focused on the ones that are directly relevant for us in education. Today’s post features another set of instrumental applications to enhance your Google Sheets productivity. These add-ons will introduce you to some hidden gems on how to smartly work on columns, cells and rows in your tables. Check them out and as always share with us your feedback. Enjoy1- Remove Duplicates

‘This add-on comes with two useful wizards. One will help you compare two different tables or columns and remove duplicates; the other will search for unique and duplicate rows within one sheet.’2- Split Names

‘Enable this add-on for your sheets if you ever need to have first and last names in different columns. You can complete this task in a click: choose the name parts you need and click “Split” to have them pulled out to separate cells. That’s it!’3- Add Rows & Columns

‘With this add-on, you no longer have to add rows and columns one at a time. Just select a cell, select the menu option under “Add Rows & Columns”, and add any number of rows or columns with a single click.’4- Remove Blank Rows

Do you have Sheets that contain nagging blank rows and it takes a lot of time to delete or hide them and not to mention the risk of accidentally deleting the wrong rows? If you do, get this add-on to quickly get rid of them. Once you have the add-on, click the demo button to give it a try.5- Insert and Delete Cells

‘This add-on creates menu items that allow you to easily insert blank cells in the middle of a spreadsheet, shifting the existing content down or to the right. It also allows you to delete cells in the middle of a spreadsheet, shifting in content up or left.’

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