This Is How to Add or Remove Your Chromebook Apps and Extensions

December 10, 2015
Apps are third party applications that you install on your Chromebook in order to perform a wide variety of tasks from saving and editing docs to creating and sharing presentations. We have already reviewed a bunch of powerful educational apps to use with students on Chromebooks which you can access from this page. However, a few days ago we received a question from one of our readers asking us about how to uninstall apps on Chromebook. Below are the instructions to follow to both add and uninstall apps and extensions as stated in Chromebook Help page.

1- Add apps and extensions”Open the Chrome Web Store.
From your Chromebook, click the launcher , then click the Web Store icon .
In the left column, click Apps or Extensions.
Browse or search for what you’d like to add. The store contains both free and paid items.
Click Add to Chrome (if free) or Buy (if paid).
If you’re adding an extension:
Review the types of data that the extension will be able to access.
Click Install.
You’ll see your apps in your launcher, and your extensions in your browser window as buttons on the toolbar.
Uninstall Apps
To uninstall an app in your Chromebook:Click the launcher > All apps.
Right-click the app you want to remove.
Select Remove from Chrome.
Uninstall Extensions
To remove an extension from your Chromebook:Open a new tab in Chrome.
Click the Chrome menu > More tools > Extensions.
Next to the extension you want to remove, click the trash can icon .
If your extension is a button on the browser toolbar, you can also right-click its icon and select Remove from Chrome.
To temporarily disable the extension, go to the Extensions page and uncheck the checkbox next to Enabled.”

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