Here Is An Excellent Formative Assessment Tool to Use in Your Class

December 15, 2015Quizizz is a great web tool we discovered through Learning in Hand. Quizizz allows you to create interactive quiz games to use in your instruction for a number of educational purposes including formative assessment. Quiz games you create have up to 4 answer options including a correct answer. You can also add images to the background of your questions and customize the settings of your questions the way you want. When your quizzes are ready you can share them with your students using a generated 5 digit code.

My Reports section in Quizizz provides you with data and stats about your students performances. You will be able to track how many students have answered your questions, questions left to be answered and many more. You can even download these stats in the form of Excel spreadsheet. Another excellent functionality that has been recently added to Quizizz is ‘Homework’. Homework  ‘allows you to set a Quizizz as homework, and keep it open for up to 2 weeks. Students can play at any time and from anywhere.’Here are some interesting features you can customize in the settings of your quiz game:

Turn Question Timer on to make your quiz games more competitive. Students get more points for faster answers.
Turn on ’Show Memes’ to display funny pictures after each question in your quiz games
Make your games more engaging by turning on ‘Play Music’. This plays music on student devices.

Quiz has a very simple and easy to use quiz editor and here is how to use it to create a quiz game:1-  First you need to sign up then click on ‘create my own quiz’2-Name your quiz3- Choose the language of your quiz4- Set the privacy settings of your quiz. You can choose between public and private.

5- Type in your questions. You have four options and the possibility to add an image question. Quizziz also provides a very good featured called question teleport which allows you to teleport a question from any public quiz, right into your own! Just search for it using the search box in your quiz editor. When you are done editing your quiz click on ‘Finish’.

5- Select grade and subject and click on ‘Finish and Create Quiz’
6- Now copy the generated code and ask students to access and type in the generated code. Watch the video below to see Quizziz in action.

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