Here Is An Excellent App for Taking Picture Notes

December 17, 2015
#hashpic is an excellent iPad app for taking picture notes. It’s a powerful and reliable alternative for using your iPad’s camera to snap pictures of things you want to remember. You no longer have to waste those precious moments scrolling through your camera roll to find pictures you have taken awhile ago. With #hashpic you can easily grab a photo and add hashtags to it so you can find it effortlessly. You can even import pictures you already have in your camera roll and hashpic them too.

As a student, you can use #hashpic app to take pictures notes in class, record to-do lists and reminders and many more. You can also add notes to illustrate your pictures and give them some context. #hashpic works just like any camera app but faster and more organizational. Users can also export and share hashpics to their camera roll, text and email. #hashpic is now free for a limited period of time. Its regular price is $0,99. Give it a try and share with us what you think of it. EnjoyCourtesy of AppdAdvice

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