7 Wonderful YouTube Channels for Motivational Videos to Use in Class

December 22, 2015
Motivation is the motor of learning. It is an essential element in our growth as teachers, educators and students. Motivation drives us to seek out new paths of learning and explore unfamiliar lands. It’s true, there are different forms of motivation but all motivated people have one thing in common: they are goal oriented. In educational psychology, motivation is intricately related to achievement and rewards which are the two main factors that reinforce motivational behaviour. There is no motivation without a prospective end in view. In fact, it’s the aspired goal that not only provides the impetus for a given motivational behaviour but also guides the course of action to be taken to achieve it.Therefore, motivation requires having clearly defined goals.Motivation is an essential component in any learning experience and there are different ways we can motivate our students to learn. One of them is through sharing with them motivational videos that can inspire them to set out their own goals and strive to realize them. To this end, we have curated for you some of the best YouTube channels where you can find and access great motivational clips ideal for use in your classroom. Check them out below:1- Your World Within

2- Be Inspired

3- Absolute Motivation

4- Motivation Grid

5- Team Fearless

6- RSD Motivation

7- Red Forest Motivation

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