5 Handy Google Docs Templates for Creating Classroom Newspapers

December 5, 2015
Today we are sharing with you some excellent Google Docs templates to use with students to create newspapers. These templates belong to the old Docs template gallery which, of course, you can still use in your Drive. Our selection is based on templates with the highest ratings but you can check for more templates using the keyword ‘newspaper’ in the search box in Google Docs template gallery.Using these templates will enable you to create beautiful newspapers without having to worry about the technical part in the process. Templates come with pre-designed layouts, different columns, fonts, colours etc. You only need to tweak them a little bit and use your own content to make these newspapers uniquely yours. To use any of these templates, make sure you are logged in to your Google account, click on the title of the template then on ‘use this template’. A copy of the template will open in your Docs where you can start editing and customizing it the way you want.Here are the titles we recommend for you:1- The Changing Times by Joni Brown

‘Template using a table for an old fashioned looking newspaper. Useful for certain history assignments.’
2- Elementary Student Newspaper Template Page 1 By Lezlie Harris

‘Let students publish research in a newspaper. Click to use the template and then save it with a new name for every group. Let students replace the words with their own. Students may replace the pictures by uploading or linking others.’3-Colonial Newspaper Template.doc, By Rodney Perdew

‘Newspaper format for students to create a colonial newspaper.’4-Newspaper Template, By Hannah Sage

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