A Great Tool to Help Students Learn Coding Through Project-based Learning Activities

December 28, 2015Vidcode is an excellent website to use with students to teach them creative coding in class. It provides students with a variety of tools to help them take their coding experience to the next level. It does so by incorporating the principles of project-based learning. Students watch YouTube videos and apply what they learned in their own coding projects. Vidcode enables them to create ‘super cool things like a motion reactive videos using computer vision or animated video filters using advanced JavaScript.’

Using Vidcode’s simple and intuitive editor, students will be able to convert effects and JavaScript into actual code. They can edit their videos using drag and drop buttons or by typing directly into the editor. Changes made by applying different coding blocks are instantly visible in the videos. Additionally, Vidcode hosts a growing community of coders where everyone share their video creations and learn from each other. Vidcode also offers ready to use lesson plans and workshop and project templates for teachers to use in their classrooms. As of right now, Vidcode is offering an end of year discount valid till the first of January.

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