A Collection of Some of The Best Educational Mac Apps for Teachers

January 3, 2015Mac Apps for Teachers is a resource page we created in EdTech and mLearning last year. We have been receiving several emails from teachers using Macs in their instruction asking about recommendations for educational  apps to use on Mac. We went ahead and created this section to share with our readers some of the best curated Mac apps to use in class with students. The collection below features some of the popular posts we have covered in this section so far.

1- Mac Apps for Math Teachers2- Mac Apps for Music Teachers3- Mac Apps for Taking Notes4- Mac Apps for Creating Presentations5- Create Educational Screencasts on Mac6- Mac Apps for Learning Typing7- Mac Apps to Enhance Your Writing8- Mac Apps for Learning A New Language9- Mac Apps for Taking Screenshots10- Mac Apps for Creating and Editing Videos11-10 Mac Tips Every Teacher Should Know about12- Basic PDF Tips for Teachers

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