Two Interesting New Updates to Google Drive

January 12, 2016
These are the first new Google Drive updates in 2016. They are basically improvements added to Google Drive to help users better manage and organize their files and folders. Below is a short overview of each of these updates:

1- Search easily across Docs, Sheets, and Slides
With this update when you search Docs, Sheets or Slides on the web you will be able to get results which contain files from all three apps. “At the top of the results screen, you’ll see Top results, which will contain a mix of files, if relevant. Just below that you’ll see Recent documents (or Recent spreadsheets, or Recent presentations, whichever is applicable), which will only contain files from the App you’re working in.”2- A better and easy way to organize folders and files in Google DriveDrive makes it easy to add new files to your Drive.”When looking at Search results or items in the Shared with me, Recent, or Starred views in Drive, you’ll now see one of two options in the toolbar at the top of the screen. If the item you’ve selected is not already located in My Drive, you’ll continue to see the option to Add to My Drive. Clicking on that option will add the item to My Drive and then allow you to move it to various folders.Alternatively, if the item you’ve selected is already in My Drive, you’ll now see an option to Move to, which will make it easy to move that item to a new or different folder via a simpler, clearer workflow…you’ll also be able to drag and drop items from your search results to your folders”.

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