Here Is An Excellent Formative Assessment Tool for Teachers

February 5, 2016
Formative is a great formative assessment tool for teachers. It provides you with a handy platform where you can create and distribute your assignments with students and track their performance in realtime. As a teacher, you can either create new assignments from scratch using Formative editor or upload assignments you have already created somewhere else and use them with your students paperlessly. The process is very simple. Create an account, generate a code for your class and send it over to students so they can register.

Once logged in, you can use Formative dashboard to create new assignments or upload pre-existing assignments for your students to work on. Using the tool’s analytics features, you will be able to see students progress in realtime, you can also grade their work, provide instant individualized feedback and engage with students in constructive discussions around their assignments. Formative is free for teachers and students.  Watch the video tutorial below  to  learn more about how to use Formative.

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