Two Great Tips to Screen out Inappropriate Content on Google and YouTube

February 5, 2016
In today’s post we are sharing with you two important search tips to help you optimize your kids safety while using Google and YouTube. These are two hidden features that are usually overlooked by many teachers. The first feature is SafeSearch which you can activate through Google Search settings page.’SafeSearch can help you block inappropriate or explicit images from your Google Search results. The SafeSearch filter isn’t 100% accurate, but it helps you avoid most adult content.’ The second feature called restricted mode works on YouTube. Restricted Mode is used to screen out inappropriate content from YouTube. Think of it as a parental control. Here is how to access and activate each of these features:1- Turn SafeSearch on or off:      A- On Your computer:‘Visit the Search Settings page.
In the “SafeSearch filters” section, check or uncheck the box next to “Turn on SafeSearch.”
Click Save at the bottom of the page.’

     B- On your iPad:Open the Google app .
In the top left corner of the home screen, touch your photo or the gear icon Settings. (If you’re in Google Now, scroll down to get back to the home screen.)
Touch Search Settings.
Choose Show most relevant results or Filter explicit results.
Touch Save.
2- Enable Restricted  Mode on YouTube       A- On your computer‘Scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the drop-down menu in the “Restricted Mode” section.
Select the On or Off option to enable or disable this feature.’

Lock Restricted Mode:‘If you wish for Restricted Mode to stay enabled for anyone using this browser, you must lock Restricted Mode.
Sign in to your YouTube account.
Scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the drop-down menu in the “Restricted Mode” section.
Click “Lock Restricted Mode on this browser.”
Enter in your password again to lock Restricted Mode on this browser’.
On your iPadTouch  Menu > Settings
Select “Restricted Mode Filtering”.
You can choose between strict or no filtering.
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