Here Is A Great Tool for Creating Educational Video Games to Use in Class

February 10, 2016Pixel Press is an excellent application that enables you to draw your own video games. Teachers can create educational video games to use in class without the need for any coding skills. The process is very simple: use pen and paper to draw your game, take a picture of it via your iPad’s camera and Pixel Press does the rest and bring your game to life. You can either create on paper with ‘Draw-on-Paper’ and take a picture of it or use ‘Draw-in-App’ to directly draw on screen. When your game is created, you can then share it with the entire community in the ‘Arcade’.

There is also a section in Pixel Press that provides free downloadable lesson plans for teachers. ‘Parents and teachers are already discovering amazing way to use our software to teach kids STEM focused learning principles – such as prototyping, design thinking, teamwork & collaboration, and user empathy.’ Some of the features provided by Pixel Press:Run & jump Mario-style gameplay
Play and create your own games for free – optional in-app purchases to unlock new tools like enemies and new power-ups
Create with 14 creator glyphs: terrain, moving blocks, ladders, portals, monkey bars, power-ups, coins, super coins, falling blocks, spikes, exploding blocks, start and end position, pits & fire balls, and keys
Featuring two original themes to create from, “Save the Parents” and “Fiddleheads: Stones of Eden”, and more coming!
Publish your levels to the Arcade and see level leaderboards, times played, and level likes

Watch the video below to learn more about Pixel Press

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