Another Excellent Resource for Flipped Classrooms

February 11, 2016
Things You Should Know about Flipped Classroom is a great resource we learned through a tweet by Colin. This is a two-page PDF created by EDUCAUSE that provides an informative overview of the concept of a flipped classroom. It starts with a brief definition of what a flipped classroom is all about, then explains some of its models and how they are used in instruction. It then highlights some of the advantages and downsides of a flipped classroom and discusses its implications for teaching and learning. Things You Should know about Flipped Classrooms is definitely a must have resource we are adding to the flipped classroom resources we shared a few day ago.

A refresher, flipped classroom is a methodology, an approach to learning in which technology is employed to reverse the traditional role of classroom time. If in the past, classroom time is spent at lecturing to students , now in a flipped model, this time is utilized to encourage individualized learning and provide one-on-one help to students, and also to improve student-teacher interaction. While the instructional or teachable content is still available in class, however this content is mainly designed in such a way to be accessed outside class which is a great way for struggling students to learn at their own pace.

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