Two Great Add-ons to Use with The New Google Forms

February 18, 2016
Google Forms has recently been revamped. The new Google Forms is now the default option for creating forms and users will have access to a wide variety of interesting new features that were not available before (e.g receive email notifications of submitted responses, view individual responses from the editor, track responses to your Google Form and many more). Additionally, the new Form editor now supports add-ons enhancing thus the functionalities of Forms to a greater extent. In today’s post we are sharing with you two excellent add-ons to try out on the new Forms. The first one is particularly for math teachers and is used to create graphs, multiple choice questions, and write complex math equations. The second one is used to generate Google Docs from a template, using Form responses.1- g(Math) for Forms

‘With the graph creator, you can type in functions and create the graph associated with that function. You can also plot points in the same graph, find the line of best fit of those points, and specify a viewing window. Use the handwriting entry to maximize the use of touchscreen devices to insert entries and drawings.’2-  Form Publisher

‘Upon each new form submission, the add-on Form Publisher is triggered, gets a template you have previously selected from Google Drive, makes a copy of it and replaces specific markers in this template by the answers submitted in the form. When Google Form alone only gives you raw data in a spreadsheet, Form Publisher lets you generate files to present your data in a more suitable way, facilitating analysis, sharing and presentation. Your form really becomes the starting point of a workflow.’

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