4 New Excellent Google Drive Templates for Teachers

March 3, 2016
A few months ago we wrote a review of the new Templates gallery for Docs, Sheets and Slides and we featured some of the best templates teachers can use in their instruction. Yesterday Google added another set of awesome templates designed by ‘five experts in their field’. Apart from the first two templates that are geared more  towards professionals in business and finance, the three remaining templates are directly relevant to us in education and you can use them for a wide variety of instructional purposes. Here is a brief overview of each one of them:I- Google Docs:1- Book Report by Reading Rainbow

This is a great template students can use to create book reports. They can customize it the way they want (change headings, add or delete sections, change text font and colour…etc).2- Lesson Plan by Reading Rainbow

This is another excellent template created by Reading Rainbow. It is basically a lesson plan template teachers can use to design their own lesson plans. The template is made up of 5 main sections that you can customize to suit your own teaching purposes.
II- Slides1- Science Fair

This template from Google Science Fair is ideal for students working on their science projects or any other project. It provides students with professionally designed slides to help them better communicate their ideas.
2- Your Big Idea

This template is created by authors of the popular book Made to Stick: Chip and Dan Heath.’this template advises users on how to build and deliver a memorable presentation of a new product, service, or idea.’

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