10 Key Video Tutorials to Help You Integrate Google Tools in Your Teaching

April 18, 2016Google for Education offers a powerful suite of tools to use in your class to engage your students, enhance their learning and create limitless learning possibilities. From taking students on virtual field trips to explore the wonders of the world to teaching them the basics of coding in a challenging and collaborative environment, Google for Education is redefining the notion of learning in new and exciting ways. We have already reviewed several tools from Google for Education in previous posts, however, today we are particularly highlighting some key video tutorials on the basics of some of these tools.  These are especially helpful for those of you new to Google for Education or those planning to integrate Google apps in their instruction. The videos below are curated  from Google for Education YouTube channel where you can access more educational video content covering almost everything you need to know about integrating Google apps in your teaching. Clicking on any of the links below will redirect you to the YouTube page where you can watch the full tutorial. Enjoy1- Google Classroom 101

2- Drive and Docs Basics by Kevin Brookhouser

3- Search Basics by Mark Hammons

4- YouTube Basics by Jay Atwood

5- Chromebooks Basics by Mark Hammons

6- Gmail Basics by Jennie Magiera

7- Google Site Basics by Mark Hammons

8- Google Calendar Basics by Jay Atwood

9- Google Maps for Education Basics by Mark Hammons

10-  Chrome Basics by Jay Atwood

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