An Excellent Science Website for Elementary Teachers

April 18, 2016Mystery Science is another great science resource for elementary teachers. Created by a science teacher, Mystery Science provides a wide variety of lessons to enhance your students learning of science and engage them in hands-on activities focused around a given Mystery. Every activity is designed around simple supplies which ’you should already have in the classroom or around your home.’

Each Mystery revolves around a hands-on activity and comes with a number of short videos and discussions (called Exploration). While it takes about an hour to combine both the activity and Exploration, teachers have the option to divide the two components and do them in different class periods. Additionally, ‘The Mysteries within a unit build upon each other, so they are intended to be taught in order. Later Mysteries will often reference things discussed in earlier Mysteries. However, each unit is designed to stand alone so you can teach the units in any order you wish.’ Watch the video below to learn more about Mystery Science.

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