4 Must Have YouTube Chrome Apps for Teachers

April 28, 2016
YouTube is absolutely an excellent resource of educational video content to use with students in class (if it’s not blocked in your school). However, YouTube ’s experience can sometimes be student-unfriendly. YouTube videos are usually embedded within a distractive environment that disperses the viewers focus and divides their attention. Annoying ads, recommended videos, suggested playlists  are three examples of distractive elements you would normally find on a typical YouTube page. Also, the comment section under videos can sometimes include obscene, hateful and inappropriate language that we don’t want our students to see. To this end, and to help you make the best of YouTube in your instruction, we are sharing with you four awesome Chrome extensions to use in class. These are plug-ins that allow you to create an enhanced educational Youtube experience for all of your students. Some of the things you can do with these extensions include: block ads displayed before and within videos, remove comments from videos, remove the grid of recommended videos, disable playlists, stop autoplay for videos loaded in background tabs and many more.1- DF YouTube

‘Allow yourself to focus while using YouTube for work, recreation or education…By default, DF YouTube hides the video recommendations sidebar as well as the related videos that appear at the end of videos.  It also removes the grid of recommended videos that appear on your homepage.  These settings are all configurable.  It can also hide comments and disable playlists sitewide.’2- Hide YouTube Comments

As its name indicates, this chrome plug-in removes the comment box from under YouTube videos so you won’t be able to see any more comments.’This is a very lightweight extension – there are no settings, and no button to show the comments again – if you want to see them, do not install it.’3- Enhancer for YouTube 

‘Enhancer for YouTube is a lightweight and useful extension designed to improve your YouTube™ experience…It allows you to, block ads displayed before and inside videos, automatically play videos in HD or any other preferred format, stop autoplay for videos loaded in background tabs, automatically play videos in cinema mode and/or in wide screen mode for a comfortable watching, loop full or part of a video, play videos using Flash Player if you experience issues with the default HTML5 player, and configure your own custom actions!’4- Adblock for Youtube

This is one of the most popular ad blocking extension in the Chrome App Store. ‘Install Adblock for Youtube™ now and all the Pre-Roll Ads on Youtube™ are gone, forever! The enhanced Adblock removes any ad videos shown before your video as well’.

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