An Excellent New Feature to Gather Realtime Feedback in Presentations Created by Google Slides

May 5, 2016
Google Slides released an exciting new feature called Slides Q&A which allows presenters to connect with their audience and gather realtime feedback. Using a link displayed on a Slides presentation members of your audience can directly post their questions and comments and also vote on the ones they want answered the most. Audience members can engage with your presentation and ask questions from any device (tablets, phones and laptops).In a demonstration of this new interactive feature, Google shared this presentation given by  Shree (Bose, first ever Google Science Fair top prize winner) to 200 middle school students. Students were able to ask their questions live as Shree was presenting and even those shy students who would not  normally share their voice publicly were able to take part in the discussion.  Watch the video to learn more about Slides Q&A.

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