3 Important Tips to Boost Students Confidence (TED Ed Lesson)

May 16, 2016
In a previous post we published here in EdTech and mLearning, we talked about Chrome Lab’s  9 character strengths that characterize successful students (namely: grit, gratitude, purpose, self-control, social/emotional intelligence, curiosity, zest, mindset, and optimism).Along similar lines, we are sharing with you another important character or, let’s call it a macro-character as it embeds several micro-characters or attributes. It is confidence.

To be confident means, among other things,  to have a growth mindset, be willing to take risks and adventures, embrace your mistakes and learn from them and be open and adaptable to different situational contexts. Confidence thrives on optimism and hope because a confident individual is on an everlasting quest for betterment and advancement. Additionally, if you are to create a recipe for success in school (an in life in general), confidence will absolutely be among the top ingredients.  Confident students show more courage and resolution in face of challenges and hardships. They are also more inclined to learn from their mistakes and feel comfortable exploring different learning possibilities.Given the importance of confidence in building powerful personalities and successful learners, here is a wonderful video from TED Ed to share with your students in class. This is an animated lesson explaining what confidence is all about and suggesting 3 main tips to boost ones confidence. You can access the full lesson with comprehension and discussion questions from this page. Enjoy

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