A Great Tool to Help Kids Create Alphabet Books and Build Phonemic awareness

May 19, 2016Alphabet Organizer  (from Read Write Think) is an excellent interactive web tool and iPad app that you can use with young learners to help them build their phonemic awareness. Students can use it to ’create a calendar-style alphabet chart or letter pages for an alphabet book’. The process is very easy: they simply select letters and provide words starting with those letters. They can also upload pictures to illustrate visual connections between the word and the beginning letter. ‘Older children can take the tool a step further, using the option that allows room for words and notes. It’s ideal for studying vocabulary words or organizing thoughts about a topic. Images can be added into each letter categories, greatly expanding users’ ability to make a vibrant alphabet book.’

Here is how to use Alphabet Organizer to create alphabet book or chart: First enter your name and project title. Next choose one of the following options for creating your alphabet organizer: ‘words only’ template or ‘one word and one picture per letter’ template. Clicking on any of these options will bring up a list of alphabets. You select a letter (or as many letters as you want) and add up to five words that start with that letter and, if you choose the second template, you will also be provided with the option to add an illustrative picture and short description for the letter. Once done, choose how you want to view your alphabet organizer: either as Word Pages or as Charts and Notes. You can then save a draft of your work, share a copy view email or print it out .

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