5 Superb iPad Apps to Boost Your Productivity

June 1, 2016
Web technologies, if used unwisely, can severely undermine your productivity. A common practice among many netizens today is  online meandering, an activity that consists of compulsive link chasing. You click on one link and before you know it you end up spending a considerable amount of time consulting links that might be of no benefit to your initial query. The net is also full of all sorts of distraction especially the one coming from social media websites and unless you manage your online time quiet wisely, your overall productivity will definitely be jeopardized. In today’s post, we are sharing with you some very good apps to help you stay productive while using the net.1- Persistence

‘Persistence is a simple and easy to use goal and habit motivator and tracker. Its smart reminders and views help you set and keep goals and track your habits. Some of its features include: Quick and easy to make updates to your progress and interact with your goal data in numerous ways; Keep notes with each progress update and keep and journal progress notes; A daily reminder informs you of all goals that need to be worked on for that day; Set individual “smart” reminders for a specific time on individual goals; Easy to change and delete previous updates and notes; See graphs and statistical analysis of your data; Export all your data; Email individual or daily journal progress; Group your goals into categories.’2- Work.JOT

‘Work.JOT is easy to master and provides Amazing interface to manage Tasks & log Timesheet entries; so just JOT, Manage, Analyse, Report and make ‘Everyday Productive’.Our App makes it easy to track your projects across various clients, Keep a log of cost incurred across projects and much more. Create monthly Timesheet & Task reports in PDF format.’3- Now Then Pro

‘Use Now Then to record what you’re doing as you do it, and discover where your time really goes. This information makes completing time sheets a breeze, and lets you see what can be done to improve your productivity.’4- Pomodoro Time

‘Pomodoro Time is a powerful personal productivity tool incorporating the principles of the Pomodoro Technique*. Create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period.’5- Focus Time

‘Want to focus better on what you’re doing? Focus Time is a beautifully designed timer for people who want to avoid distractions and get more done…Focus Time will automatically switch between the work timer and the long/short break timers, as well as counting the number of sessions you’ve completed. You can select an activity and see a graph of how you’re spending your time.’

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