5 Great Tools for Learning English Through Movies and Video Subtitles

June 5, 2016
Learning language is not only about learning syntax and grammar, it is also about knowing how to use language in real life situations. Linguists call this communicative competence. For learners to develop such a competence, they need  direct contact with native speakers of the target language. Luckily, Web technologies now offer language learners the possibility to engage with native speakers and learn more about the pragmatic aspects of language learning without having to travel anywhere. Below are some very good websites and applications that English language learners can use to learn about how English is being used in real life speech events.
1- Lingo TV

‘Lingvo TV allows you to translate subtitles while you watch a movie online, simultaneously without distraction. This way you can have fun and learn a foreign language at the same  time…Lingvo TV app receives subtitles from the movie while you watch it. It allows you to click on any word or words combination to translate it on any device, without stopping the movie!’2- Speechyard

‘Learn Real English from movies and practice with other learners!  Speechyard always provides you with a wide choice of different videos . The newest way lies in collecting unknown words or phrases from movie subtitles into your own library. The service gives you different kinds of trainings, that allows you to exercise new words properly with minimum efforts. And for trying your English in practice, Speechyard gives an opportunity to meet new friends all over the world and chat with them for overcoming a language barrier.’3- Subasub

Subasub is a search engine that allows language learners to search words explanations through conversations in movies. Learners get to see the actual usage of the word in everyday spoken language.4- Cambly

‘Cambly gives you instant access to native English speakers over video chat. Your friendly language partners are ready to help you practice conversation skills, pronunciation, and any other English skills you’d like to improve. Cambly is a great way to practice English for beginners or experts.’

‘Learn English for free with a lot of video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. Classes cover English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, IELTS, TOEFL, and more.’

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