A Very Good Student Video Response App for Teachers

June 9, 2016
Recap is a good video response system we are adding to the list of popular formative assessment tools for teachers. Recap allows both teachers and parents to keep track of students learning. It prompts students to capture their thinking and reflection on video. Video responses can be shared with other students to boost peer learning, they can also be shared with teachers and patents to engage them in the learning process taking place in class.

As a teacher,  you can create a class on Recap and invite you students to join in. You can choose whether to use a digit code ( good for young learners who don’t have an email address) or require students to log in using a valid email address and password. In your Recap class, you add assignments to which students can respond via short video clips. ‘Video responses provide evidence of thinking in a natural, conversational format, which supports and strengthens frequent formative assessments to help teachers differentiate and personalize learning more effectively. Recap also serves as a platform for student ePortfolios, which helps students assess their own performance and track progress over time. Thanks to student Recap responses, teachers get a closer look at students’ individual performance as well as an overview of how each class is doing as a group.’Watch the video below to learn more about Recap

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