10 Basic Google Keep Tips Every Teacher Should Know about (Infographic)

June 11, 2016
Google Keep is a powerful note taking application for teachers. It allows you to capture your thoughts in different format: audio, text and images. You can also use it to create to do-lists, add reminders to your notes, copy notes to your Google docs and many more. For those of you new to Google Keep, here is a handy visual that features 10 basic Google Keep tips you should know about. Check it out and share with your colleagues. Enjoy

1- Create a text noteClick on ‘Take a note’
Give a title to your note
Type in your note
Click on Done
2- Create a photo noteClick on image icon in the ‘Take a note’ bar
Select an image from your computer
Give your note a title and add text 
Click ‘Done’ 
3- Create an audio noteThis option is only available for Keep on Android and iOS
On your iPad open the Keep app
At the bottom right, touch the new recording icon 
Speak your note
To edit the spoken text, touch the text above the audio file
To save your note, touch the back arrow at the top left 
4- Create a listClick on ’New list’ icon in the ‘Take a note’ bar
Type in your list item
To add more items to the list click on ‘List item’
Click Done to save your list.
5-  Change colour of a note or a listOpen a note or list or just hover your mouse over it
Click on Change color icon
Choose from the colours there and click Done to save it
6- Copy Keep notes to Google DocsTo copy a note into a Google Doc:
‘Hover over the note you want to add and click the More icon .
Select Copy to Google Doc.
7- Set reminders for your notesTo add reminders to your notes:
click or hover over a note 
Select ‘Remind me’ icon 
Choose from the options available there
8-  Organize notes by labelTo add a label to a note:
Hover over your note
Click on the More icon
Select ‘Add label’
9- To share a note with others:Click on the share icon 
Type in the email addresses and click Save
To unshare a note,Open a note
Select the icons of any people you want to unshare with, or select the Share icon
Select the Remove icon
Select Save
10- Archive notes and listsArchiving allows you to move your notes and lists from the main screen of your Keep into archive where you can find them later. 
To archive a note, select it then click on the Archive icon
To see archived notes, click on the menu icon archive.

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