A Good Infographic Featuring 30 Web Tools for Teacher Librarians

June 17, 2016
Librarians make a huge difference in our students lives. They are entrusted with a wide variety of educational tasks. Some of these tasks according to Queen University Library include: help students with information-related activities, assist students in developing information literacy skills that allows them to navigate and search the web effectively, collaborate with teachers in creating challenging project-based activities, run different literacy clubs, build library collections and many more. After we have reviewed some good books for librarians, we are sharing with you today this handy visual featuring a collection of practical tools to help teacher librarians in their daily work. Enjoy1- Database portalsJstor: www.jstor.org
Ebscohost: www.ebscohost.com
Proquest: www.proquest.com
2- Research ToolsERIC: eric.ed.gov
Scholar: scholar.google.com
Refseek: www.refseek.com
3- Curation toolseduclipper: educlipper.net
Scoopit: www.scoop.it
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com
4- Make professional animated videosGoAnimate: www.goanimate.com
PowToon: www.powtoon.com
5- Make beautiful visuals and postersCanva: www.canva.com
Thinglink: www.thinglink.com
Piktochart: www.piktochart.com
6- Take notesEvernote
Google Keep
memonotepad: memonotepad.com
7- Timeline creationHstry: www.hstry.co
TikiToki: www.tiki-toki.com
Timeglider: timeglider.com
8- Communicate with parentsRemind: www.remind.com
ParentSquare: www.parentsquare.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com
9- Make presentationsGoogle Slides: www.google.com/slides
Haicku Deck: www.haikudeck.com
Prezi: www.prezi.com
10- Reference toolsEasyBib: www.easybib.com
Zotero: www.zotero.org
Mendeley: www.mendeley.com

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