3 Very Good Chromebook Tools for Creating Educational Timelines in Class

June 24, 2016
For those of you asking about Chromebook tools to use for creating timelines, the collection below is a good place to start with. It features three of our favourite tools we have repeatedly covered in previous posts here in EdTech and mLearning. These tools are web based, simple and easy to use. Students will definitely enjoy working on them. Check them out and share with your colleagues.

HSTRY is a very good web tool for creating multimedia timelines in class. The process is very simple and easy. Just sign up either as a teacher or a student, choose the timeline you want to work on and start adding your events. You can add images, videos, and audio. The great thing about HSTRY is that it allows teachers to create a classroom and invite students to join it. Within this classroom, teachers will be able to share timelines with their students and view the ones they create. Teachers can also make their timelines interactive by adding questions for students to answer.2- Tiki-Toki 

Tiki-Toki is easy to use and does not require any software download. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and start designing your timelines right away. The free account includes the basic features to create a timeline and is limited to one timeline only. There is however a special account for teachers for $125 a year which includes access to all new features.

3- Timeline

Timeline, as its name indicate, is a very good tool from Read Write Think that you can use to create web based timelines. The tool is very simple and students can use it to graphically represent a sequence of data (events, facts..,etc) along a chronological line. These timelines can be arranged by by date, time or event.To start creating a timeline, head over to this page. Type in your name and project title then hit “start”. Now click anywhere on the timeline to add an item at that location. To edit an item, double click it. You can then customize the content and placement of your items as you like. Drag to adjust positions, click on the bin icon to delete and when you are done click on “finish” to save your work to your computer or share it with others.

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