Some Helpful Activities and Resources to Teach Web Literacy to Students

July 3, 2016
Few weeks ago we shared  Mozilla Learning’s Web Literacy Wheel featuring a number of key skills and competencies for 21st century students. Today we are adding another great resource from Mozilla Learning to help teachers prepare digitally savvy students who can ‘read, write and participate on the web’. Teaching Activities is a section in Mozilla Learning website where teachers and educators can access a wide variety of activities and lesson plans tailored specifically to meet students digital learning needs. Activities cover different web related topics from learning how to code, understanding online privacy issues to creating and sharing web content. ‘Each featured activity includes step-by-step instructions and has been tested in schools, after school programs, libraries and community centers around the globe.’

Here are some examples of the teaching activities featured in Mozilla Learning:1- Web Literacy Basics’This six-part series helps learners become familiar with reading, writing and participating on the web. They’ll discover the foundations of the web through production and collaboration. ’2- Intermediate Web Literacy ‘Learn to style HTML elements on a webpage using CSS selectors, attributes, and values.’3- Read, Write, and participate with Webmaker‘Learn how to set up your mobile device to write, publish, and share stories with the Webmaker App from Mozilla Learning’
4- Privacy Basics: Passwords,Tracking, and Data Retention‘Learn how to safeguard your privacy online and develop an awareness of how companies and governments track and collect your data online.’5- Girls in Tech‘In this activity, learners create a remix of a Wikimedia page as they think critically about the intersection of gender, culture, technology and identity.’

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