Educational Alternatives to Pokémon Go

July 25, 2016
If you haven’t heard of it yet, you may soon. Pokémon GO is a new mobile app (iOS and Android) that uses augmented reality and GPS to persuade players to physically walk around so they can collect virtual creatures called Pokémon. There are lots of pros and cons to this game, but did you know that educational alternatives already exist? Yup! Here are some to consider.

Pokémon GO 
The infamous app that has been surging in popularity lately.

 Created by the same company that made Pokémon GO, this app notifies and gives you info about historical sights as you walk by them.

Allows teachers to create GPS-powered treasure hunts with location-based notes and instructions.

 Another kind of GPS-powered treasure hunt, except this one requires you to match photos for clues.

Or, go lo-fi and print out a series of clue-revealing QR codes, then place them all around your school.Want more? Check out these shelves of tools created by educators on edshelf.Enhancing Instruction with Augmented Reality 

This is curated by instructional designer Christi Collins.

This one iscCurated by tech trainer Mitzi Vincent.Enjoy these great tools for educators! Looking for previous issues of the edshelf Weekly? All are available online.By: Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf

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