A Very Good Web Annotating Tool for Research Students and Teachers

March 16, 2017
Lumio is an excellent tool to use for bookmarking, curating, and clipping web content. Students can use it to highlight interesting content in a webpage, add notes to it  and save it for a later access. Highlights are recorded together with source information so students can easily check back and cite source pages. Additionally, Lumio provides users with internal search functionality that allows them to quickly search through and locate saved content.

Users can organize their highlights into collections and rearrange them the way they want. However, you do need to sign up to Lumio to be able to benefit from all of its features including  storing data on the cloud and accessing it from different devices. Another cool feature is the ability to access and read your saved content using Lumio’s built-in reader with a distraction free reading view. You can also easily channel your highlights to other apps such as Slack or Trello or share them with others through email or social media.

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