A New Google Earth Feature to Introduce Students to The World’s Cultures

April 20, 2017
A few days ago we shared with you a quick review of some of the best features in the new Google Earth. Today, we want to particularly highlight one of these new features called Voyager. Voyager helps users explore the world from different cultural perspectives through a collection of interactive guided tours. Voyager’s theme for this month is on cultural stories of people and places from around the globe. As a teacher, you can use this new service with students to help them learn about the world’s cultures and enhance their cultural literacy.

Some of the stories highlighted today in Voyager is that of Girl Muppets Around the World and Miniature Wunderland. The earlier is a story by Sesame Street that introduces users to the rich variety of world cultures through the eyes of the girl Muppets. The latter is ‘miniaturized versions of several notable cultural spots around the world, which you can explore in Street View alongside their real-life location on the globe.’ Check out Voyager to learn more about these and other stories.

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