New- Book Creator Lets You Publish and Read eBooks Online

May 6, 2017
Book Creator, one of our favourite ebook creators out there, has released some major updates which will definitely transform students book creation and reading experiences. Users are now able to publish their books from their iPad to the web, no more need to share your book as a video to make it accessible to others. Book Creator has also developed a powerful interactive web-based reader to help you read your ebooks. It lets you turn pages, play audio, watch videos, and change the page layout all in your browser. And if you have a blog or website you can use generated links to embed your books in your digital platform.

As for privacy issues, publishing in Book Creator is certified student safe for educational purposes. ‘students cannot publish their own books. It will always be the teacher using their own account that chooses whether or not a book can be shared online. Once published, books are not publicly searchable on Google or other search engines. You can only access a book using its private link. It’s up to you, as the teacher, to decide how and with whom you share the link.’Check out this page to learn more about these updates.

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