Top 10 Educational Games to Use with Students in Class (from Nobel Prize Website), the official site of Nobel Prize, offers a number of interesting educational games you can use with your students in class. These are interactive games and simulations based on Nobel-awarded achievements to teach and inspire students. There are actually over 29 games covering different topics including physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, and economics. Most of these games include a ‘Read more’ link to help students learn more about the subject. Below are the 10 most popular games in To access all the educational resources and games, check out this page.

1. The Blood Typing Game2. The DNA – the Double Helix Game3. The Immune System Game4. The Control of the Cell Cycle Game5. The Pavlov’s Dog Game6. The Electrocardiogram Game7. The Transistor8. The Diabetic Dog Game9. The Split Brain Experiments Game10. The Lord of the Flies Game

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