An Excellent Interactive Chart Featuring Daily Routines of Creative Minds

June 2, 2017
Here is an excellent interactive chart created by the folks in Podio highlighting the daily rituals of a number of inspiring and  creative minds  including musicians, philosophers, artists, authors, mathematicians, painters and many more. This work is based on Mason Currey’s book ‘Daily Rituals: How Artists Work’ which is basically a collection of mini-biographies chronicling work routines and sleep habits of many creative thinkers.Podio’s interactive visual features the daily routines of 26 historical figures from Voltaire to Pablo Picasso. You simply hover over the colored bars  to learn more about the daily habits of that person. Each colour denotes a particular category: yellow represents food and leisure, red represents creative work, blue exercise, etc. The data included in this visual, as stated by Podio, ‘doesn’t characterize the entire life of each person but a specific period of time as recorded in diaries, letters and other documentation’.To access the interactive version of this infographic, click here.
Courtesy of Life Hacker

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