A Free Online Certified Program to Help Educators Make Better Use of Technology in Class

June 7, 2017
The popular CK-12 platform is offering a free online certified program.  CK-12 Certified Educator Program is designed to help educators make better use of technology in the classroom. It offers educators  a variety of online sessions to learn key skills and different pathways to become CK-12 Certified. Each pathway will give them the confidence and skills to use the full breadth of CK-12 resources to make their classes even more dynamic and interactive. 

Here are more details on CK-12 Certified Educator Program 2017:June 19 – July 21
32 webinars over 16 days
Office hours on Fridays
100% free
Learn about FlexBooks®, Adaptive Practice, Assignments, Interactive PLIX and Simulations, strategies to use CK-12 with your students and teachers, and much more
For all teachers: documentation noting hours attended
For all who do 7+ sessions: CK-12 Certified Educator status

For those of you not familiar with CK-12  this is  a non-profit built to decrease the cost of, and increase access to, great K-12 education resources around the world. Everything on www.ck12.org is free.

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