An Interesting Visual Guide on How to Create Kid Friendly Websites

June 9, 2017
Here is a good guide created by the folks in WhoIsHositngThis to help you build a kid-friendly website. It covers the design aspects you should attend while constructing your website (e.g., clear navigation,  use of colours, bold type, graphics, and interactivity) and features some of the specific recommendations to make your site meet the different  developmental needs and abilities of kids. You will also get to learn about privacy and safety issues as outlined by The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)  which apply to all sites that target young audiences. The visual also provides a number of popular kid-friendly sites so you can see how they look like. Sample sites include PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Fun Brain, Discovery Kids and many more.
Courtesy of Elearning Infographics

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