10 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do on Google Classroom

August 29, 2017
Here is a handy infographic we have been working on over the last few days.  The visual features 10 of what we believe are basic things every teacher should be able to do on Google Classroom. Instructions included are only for Classroom on the web, check out Google Classroom Help to learn more about how to use these features on mobile devices. We hope you like the infographic and share with your colleagues.  You can also republish it on your blog or website as long as you credit us as the source. Enjoy
1- Invite students to join a classSign in to Classroom
Select the class you want to add students to
Click students at the top
Click Invite students
Or let students add themselves using a generated code you share with them
2- Manage multiple classesGoogle Classroom allows you to:
Re-use existing announcements, assignments and questions from another class
Share posts across multiple classes
Archive classes for future reference
3- Invite co-teachers to a classSign in to Classroom
Select the class you want to add teachers to
Click ‘About’ at the top of the class stream
Click Invite Teacher
4- Create or modify an assignmentSign in to Classroom
click the class
At the bottom, click Add  Add and click Create assignment
Enter the title and any instructions
You can then add files, YouTube videos or links to your assignment
You can also add due dates, create customized grade values, and track assignments
5- Create an announcementSign in to Classroom
Click the class.
Click Add Add and click Create announcement.
Enter your announcement
You can then add links, files, YouTube videos to your announcements
You can also save your announcement as a draft or schedule it for later
6- Quick exit tickets and polling
You can post short or multiple questions and track who have responded in the class stream:Sign in to Classroom
Click the class.
At the bottom, click Add Add and then Create question.
Enter the title and any instructions.
You can then change due dates of your questions  and add materials e.g files, videos, docs
7- Create a class resource page
On a class resource you can add materials and instructions for the whole class:Sign in to Classroom
Click the class you want to add the resource page to.
At the top of the page, click About.
Enter a title for the page and a description of the class.
Enter a location for your class in the Room field.
To add additional resources, click Add materials and enter a title
8- Grade and return an assignment
Classroom makes grading easy and quick:You can sort students by first name or last name
See who has turned in work
Draft grades to share with students later
Add private comments when returning work
9- Set class permissions
You can control who can share messages and comments in class stream by changing permissions settings:Sign in to Classroom
Click the class you want to set permissions for.
Click Students.
From the post and comment list, choose a permission level there
10- Transfer grades to Google Sheets or to a CSV file
To export students grades to Google SheetsSign in to Classroom
Click the class and then click the assignment in the class stream.
Click on sprocket icon and select ‘Copy all grades to Google Sheets’
To export grades to a CSV file, select ‘Download these grades as CSV.’

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